A new musical project that aims to conquer the public and radio stations is releasing today their debut single: “Home” and is going to be known under the stage name of GABRIEL IXEA.
“Home” is a song calling back to the origins of the sound, impressive through the clean and raw beats.

GABRIEL IXEA is the stage name of the brand new project that leaves all the details to the imagination.
The project is the result that saw the daylight due to a few talents uniting and deciding to come forward with something new, fresh and completely transparent. The non existent personality is a powerful statement released together with the debut single, but it manages to contour personal traits such as boldness and innovation to the soon to be brand GABRIEL IXEA.

The debut single marks the first step the courageous and talented team took in promoting a new sound wave and music revolution.
Eagerly awaiting new releases!